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Knowing the difference between the various types of breast implants will assist you in your experience with the procedure. Knowing what the difference between saline and silicone implants, what teardrop breast implants are for, the capabilities of “gummy bear” breast implants are all important topics to research before your breast augmentation procedure. The following is a rundown of the various kinds of breast implants and the variations of breast surgeries. During your consultation Dr. Casper will answer any questions or concerns you have regarding the different types of implants available to you in his private plastic surgery practice.

Silicone vs. Saline Breast Implants

A Comprehensive, Personalized Approach

One of the most asked questions by patients is which implant, silicone or saline, is better for them. The answer to that question is, simply, “Depends on a multitude of things.” How many cup sizes are you thinking of upgrading to? What is the current state of your breasts? How much are they sagging? Are your nipples pointing towards the ground? Most importantly, how do you want your new breasts to look and feel? There is no “only one” type of breast implant that answers everyone’s individual needs.

One of the big issues of implants is the question of rupture. “If my implant ruptures, what happens?” is a frequent question asked, and is a great question to ask.

The odds of your saline or silicone implant rupturing become less likely the more the technology of implants progress. The implants of yesteryear pale in comparison to the ones used today. Stronger shells, better form, advanced installation technique all make the breast augmentation surgery a much safer surgery than that of even a few years ago. The odds of something negative resulting from the unlikely event of rupture are extremely slim, seeing that saline will get safely absorbed into the body and normally silicone will be contained within the capsule that your body creates. In fact, the majority of silicone ruptures go undetected until a routine MRI detects it, as the silicone doesn’t spread quickly if it spreads at all

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Gummy Bear Breast Implants

The newest addition to the debate of silicone vs. saline is the increasingly popular cohesive gel implants - or as it’s known colloquially - the gummy bear breast implants. This implant has the added feature of being able to maintain it’s shape and not dispel its filling in the event of rupture, much like how a gummy bear maintains its filling when bit in half (hence the name).

On top of its resistance to leak if ruptured, it also is extremely strong, so the possibility of rupturing in the first place is extremely uncommon. And mind you, strong doesn’t mean hard; the gummy bear breast implant is soft and feels like breast tissue, giving it a realistic feel to it.

Teardrop Breast Implants

When researching breast implants, other terms you might hear are teardrop breast implants, round breast implants or form-stable breast implant. What these different options are describing is the actual shape of the implant in question and each give a different outcome in the visual results of the breast augmentation.

A round breast implant is the traditional choice, where the teardrop breast implant is the new kid on the block. Some patients feel teardrop breast implants provide a more natural shape to the breast. Both types of implants have their advantages, and Dr. Casper will help you make the most informed decision possible in choosing which type of implant to use for your breast augmentation procedure.

Other Issues

Types of breast implants and which is best for you is one of the most debated, researched, vexing issues that potential patients are concerned about, so do not feel timid in asking as many questions as you possibly can to subside your apprehensions. Dr. Casper has over 30 years experience with cosmetic procedures and knowing what type of implant for your goal figure is one of the many skills he has acquired in his years performing as a board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles. In your private consultation with the award-winning surgeon, all of your issues and anxieties will melt away as you learn about every facet of the breast augmentation surgeries and the different types of breast implants.

As with any procedure, ailment or any medical-related concern, sometimes doing independent research can create more anxieties than it relieves. Nothing will be more informative than scheduling a consultation with one that has the skills, experience, education and credentials to cut through the nonsense and give you the real facts. Dr. Casper, considered one of the best breast augmentation surgeons Los Angeles has, offers one a private consultation for exactly that: to answer all of your questions and to subside all of your concerns.

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