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An International Reputation for Breast Augmentation

Dr. Casper is world renowned as a leading expert in breast augmentation. That's why his patients come from all around the world to get his beautiful, natural-looking results. Dr. Casper's patients have nicknamed him The "Rockstar" of Breast Implants.

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A Leading Expert in the Field of Breast Enhancement

A board-certified plastic surgeon with years of advanced training and experience, combined with unique artistic talent, Dr. Daniel Casper is one of the top Breast Augmentation surgeons in the Los Angeles area.

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Recognized in Los Angeles and Pasadena Preferred Breast Implant Surgeon

Dr. Daniel Casper has the credentials, experience and talent to give you "that look" that you have always wanted.

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Bring Back the Curves Rebalance Your Body

Known for his “finesse” approach, Dr. Casper combines modern-day body contouring procedures and technologies with decades of invaluable experience to rebalance areas that may be out of proportion, revealing a sleeker, more symmetrical figure.

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Bring Back the Curves Rebalance Your Body

Known for his “finesse” approach, Dr. Casper combines modern-day body contouring procedures and technologies with decades of invaluable experience to rebalance areas that may be out of proportion, revealing a sleeker, more symmetrical figure.

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A Highly Regarded Award Winning Surgeon

Dr. Casper has received numerous awards for his consistent, high-level results in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery. He has received many awards multiple years running, solidifying his position as one of the top plastic surgeons in Pasadena.

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Cosmetic Surgeon Pasadena

Despite the fact that they are only one part of a woman’s body, the breasts are an essential part of the feminine shape and appearance. Whether they lack size or a perfect shape or have been altered by a previous surgery, Dr. Casper has the expertise and artistic talent to give you amazing, beautiful breasts.

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Cosmetic Surgery Pasadena

Everyone has a perfect image of what they would like their body to look like. Whether it's age, childbirth or weight gain that keeps you from that ideal physique, Dr. Daniel Casper can help you to attain that perfect image with an array of effective cosmetic body contouring procedures.

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Plastic Surgery Pasadena

More than any other part of your body, your face expresses your personality to others. Utilizing the most advanced techniques and procedures in facial cosmetic surgery, Dr. Daniel Casper can help you to feel confident and look as you want others to see you.

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Premier Plastic Surgeon in Pasadena

Plastic Surgeon Pasadena

Welcome to the cosmetic practice of Dr. Daniel J. Casper—a board-certified plastic surgeon serving Los Angeles and Pasadena.

It’s no mystery that Los Angeles is home to some of the finest plastic surgeons. After all, it is the entertainment capital of the world, playing host to some of the most beautiful people around. In Los Angeles, cosmetic surgery is an intensely competitive field, requiring an unprecedented standard of ability and professionalism. At its heart is Los Angeles board-certified cosmetic surgeon Dr. Daniel Casper, bringing his rock star procedures to those seeking the best in cosmetic care. He offers plastic surgery financing options to make these excellent results easily attainable.

We have entered an exciting age in the field of cosmetic surgery. Science and technology have given our plastic surgeons new options for defying the effects of time and correcting issues connected with age and nature.

When you decide to enhance your body or beautify your face with cosmetic surgery, it is important to choose one of the top plastic surgeons Pasadena has available. Most of all it is important to select a surgeon with an artistic talent that will ensure optimal results. This is exactly what you get with Dr. Daniel Casper, who has extensive experience, credentials and accredited surgical facilities.

Extensive Experience

There are few surgeons in Los Angeles who can boast the amount of experience and number of surgeries as performed by Dr. Casper. Due to his extensive experience, Dr. Casper has a confident mind and a sure hand, and has performed over 10,000 breast implant surgeries over the course of his more than 30-year career.

Artistic Talent

Unlike traditional surgeons, plastic surgeons require an artistry to perform their work. Just as a sculptor needs a good command of the human anatomy, a good plastic surgeon needs to replicate the natural contours of the human body, enhancing them in a way that does not look unnatural or overly corrected. Dr. Casper brings this artistry to his work, applying his uncompromising technical competence to bring grace and elegance to your appearance in all of his expert procedures.

Over 30 Years Experience

World Renowned as a Surgeon & Artist

If you are seeking cosmetic surgery in Los Angeles, Dr. Daniel J. Casper is among the best surgeons available, both in the Los Angeles area and around the country. Los Angeles is the entertainment capital of the world, and visual beauty is a major part of what makes Hollywood entertainment a worldwide phenomenon. Because of this, the best Los Angeles plastic surgeons must be at the top of their game. Dr. Casper embodies this duty with every surgery he performs.

Because of this high standard of plastic surgery, Los Angeles is considered to be a veritable fountain of youth. Cosmetic procedures and techniques are so cutting edge that those who take advantage of them are never suspected of plastic surgery, yet always seem to look radiant and youthful.

Beyond the entertainment world, one in three members of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery have seen increases in plastic surgery consultation as a result of the rise of social media and digital technology, which has dramatically increased the ease of photo taking and the now-famous “selfie.”

Whatever your cosmetic desires, Dr. Casper is more than qualified to consult with you regarding the best methods of achieving your image goals. His extensive experience and skill delivers among the best cosmetic surgery in Los Angeles. Due to his demand from patients seeking top tier cosmetic care, Dr. Casper is one of the busiest surgeons in the area and has more than 30 years of experience in plastic surgery. To learn more about how he can help you, please call our office and schedule your consultation.

LA's Elite Breast Augmentation Surgeon

While looking for the best cosmetic surgeon, one can quickly get dizzy with all the lofty claims, flashy offices and expensive zip codes, while the important bullet-points get brushed under the rug. Crucial issues like experience, credentials, awards, results and skill become an afterthought in all of the glitz and glamor in the world of cosmetic surgeries.

Dr. Daniel Casper is no stranger to the precise skill of the breast implant surgery. He’s quite possibly one of the most experienced in Los Angeles, having performed cosmetic procedures for over 30 years. He understands what your goals are, listens to what your perception of beauty and what your perfect form is and, within the realm of reality, caters to your desires.

What truly sets him really apart is his friendly bedside manner, his compassion for his patients and expertise in the cosmetic surgeries. Dr. Casper didn’t become a top-rated plastic surgeon in Los Angeles by rubbing a magical lamp—he has worked for this coveted position, and worked extremely hard. One look at his long list of awards—one being Best Cosmetic Surgeon by a leading Pasadena publication—and one could easily attest that he is a leading cosmetic surgeon in Los Angeles.

Dr. Casper is constantly on the cutting-edge of new innovations in the field of breast implant surgery, always educating himself of new advancements in implant products and new procedures. There is never an issue of receiving the latest approved procedures in the field of cosmetic surgery at the office of Dr. Casper—he constantly is searching for a better way to achieve results in his patients.

After browsing through the gallery and reading his patients testimonials, it’s easy to see that Dr. Casper delivers among the finest cosmetic surgery Pasadena has to offer. His are breathtaking, to say the least.

Schedule a consultation today and step onto the path towards a new you.

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Dr. Casper did my breast augmentation. He is very personable and caring and you can tell he really knows what he's doing. I had a great result, my husband is thrilled, and my friends are jealous that my breasts look so perky and natural.

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You would be hard pressed to find a plastic surgeon with more credentials than Dr. Daniel Casper.

He attended New Jersey Medical School then received his general surgery residency at the University of Massachusetts. He went on to receive his plastic surgery residency at the University of Southern California.

Dr. Casper is an inspector for the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities as well as a clinical instructor for the Division of Plastic Surgery at the University of Southern California. He is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

He is a member of several medical societies, including The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, American Society of Plastic Surgeons, California Society of Plastic Surgeons, Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.

He is an active staff member at many hospitals in the Los Angeles area including the Huntington Memorial Hospital, the Verdugo Hills Hospital and the Arcadia Methodist Hospital and currently serves as the Chief of Plastic Surgery at the Huntington Memorial Hospital.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
American Society of Plastic Surgeons
California Society of Plastic Surgeons
The American Association of Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Faciilties, Inc.
American College of Surgeons
American Board of Plastic Surgery

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