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Capsular contracture is the formation of excessive scar tissue around breast implants. Your body naturally creates a barrier of scar tissue around foreign bodies, including implants. In some cases, an abnormal quantity of scar tissue forms, hardens and contracts around the implants, leading to a range of aesthetic problems, along with pain or discomfort.

What Causes Capsular Contracture?

A Comprehensive, Personalized Approach

The underlying reason your body produces an excess of scar tissue may be related to a family history of autoimmune diseases, but the condition can develop randomly, in any person for unknown reasons. It is believed that the problem can be associated with a layer of bacteria developing around the implants after surgery, causing a chronic low-grade infection which triggers the body to produce more scar tissue. It is imperative that breast augmentation is performed with the most sterile techniques and patient health and safety protocols to help to avoid the introduction of bacteria into the surgical site.

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What Are the Symptoms of Capsular Contracture?

The symptoms of capsular contracture appear at any time after breast augmentation surgery, and are “graded” regarding the degree of the condition:

  • Grade 1: The breasts feel soft and look natural.
  • Grade 2: The breasts feel slightly firm, but still feel acceptable and look normal.
  • Grade 3: The breasts feel firmer than they should and have a slightly abnormal look.
  • Grade 4: The breasts are painful, hard, and appear deformed, with tight tissue constricting and revealing the shape of the implant.

How Can You Avoid Developing Capsular Contracture?

When undergoing breast augmentation, the health and patient safety could not be more important. The process should be undertaken with extreme care. You can trust the health and safety protocols employed by Dr. Casper, who is among the most respected and talented breast surgeons practicing in the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills areas. The process of planning breast augmentation surgery should be undertaken by a skilled surgeon, who employs the following techniques:

  • Sub muscular breast implant placement: This placement is far less likely to lead to the development of excess scar tissue and capsular contracture.
  • Optimal surgical process: Extreme care during surgery regarding sterility is a critical point that must be observed, including antibiotic irrigation and other advanced processes for your own health and safety.
  • Antibiotics: After surgery, a course of antibiotics can assist in warding off the development of infection.
  • Massage: It has proven to be helpful for specific massage techniques to be performed during healing, part of the aftercare instructions you will be given.

How is Capsular Contracture Treated?

If you are experiencing pain, discomfort, or if one or both breasts feel hard, it is imperative that you have your condition evaluated by a skilled, board-certified plastic surgeon. The treatment generally requires the removal of the implants and the scar tissue capsule in full. A new implant can be placed in the same surgery, or your natural breast tissue repaired and reshaped.

What is the Recovery From Surgery to Correct Capsular Contracture?

The recovery time associated with resolving capsular contracture is generally one to two weeks. As with the initial breast augmentation, it is normal to have some pain and swelling in the early stages of healing.

Why Choose Dr. Daniel Casper to Correct Capsular Contracture?

A Comprehensive, Personalized Approach

Dr. Daniel Casper is recognized as being one of the finest breast surgeons practicing in the area. He serves as Chief of Plastic Surgery at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, and Dr. Casper has attained an international reputation for surgical excellence.

Beyond his exceptional surgical skills and experience, Dr. Casper provides a superior level of patient care throughout the process of resolving cases of capsular contracture, taking all the time needed with every person he treats. Dr. Casper may often be called upon to perform surgeries on actors, models, and industry leaders, and welcomes patients from all walks of life to his private clinic in Pasadena.

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Capsular Contracture FAQ's

How do I know if I am developing capsular contracture?

If your breasts are beginning to feel harder, you may be in the early stages of developing excessive scar tissue. Arrange a consultation so your breasts can be evaluated.

What are the chances that I will develop capsular contracture?

To reduce risk, you must ensure that your surgery is performed under the safest surgical conditions. Any less-than-obsessive application of surgical safety protocols could put you at higher risk, due to bacteria. With correct breast implant placement, and the most advanced techniques, your risks are low.

Can capsular contracture be resolved without surgery?

For some women who are experiencing the early stages of the condition, other solutions may be possible. What is most urgent is to have the condition evaluated as soon as possible.

Capsular Contracture Repair: Dr. Daniel Casper

We invite you to meet with us to evaluate the current condition of your breast implants and surrounding tissue. If you are developing capsular contracture in the early stages, it may not be necessary to undergo surgery, but to take a “wait and see” approach. If the condition has advanced and you suffer pain and your breasts have become hard and misshapen, we can take this problem in hand and help you once again have soft, beautiful breasts. Learn more and schedule a consultation today for arguably the best treatment for capsular contracture Los Angeles has to offer.

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