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Every woman has a slight difference in breast size, shape and position. When the difference is noticeable and upsetting there is no need to live with breasts that are mismatched in any way. Breast asymmetry correction surgery is a procedure that has helped thousands of women achieve balance in their appearance and to discover a newfound freedom when participating in everyday life activities.

What is breast asymmetry?

Breast asymmetry in terms of cosmetic impact is defined as a distinct difference between the appearance of the breasts. The differences can be in volume, shape, areola size or position on the chest. The overall effect is that the breasts appear unbalanced to a greater or lesser degree which is distracting and unattractive. For some women even a relatively minor difference is emotionally upsetting while for others the difference is so great as to cause disfigurement resulting in a loss of quality of life.

Breast asymmetry can have several causes:

  • Genetics – development of one breast stops at puberty
  • Hormonal changes
  • Pregnancy
  • Breast feeding
  • Changes in weight
  • Trauma to the breast
  • Spinal diseases - scoliosis
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Because the breasts continue to develop until the age of 21, women under this age may want to wait to see of the situation corrects itself particularly if the difference is in volume. Otherwise, women who are distressed about their breasts can achieve balance through augmentation surgery focused on breast asymmetry correction in Los Angeles. Plastic surgeon, Dr. Daniel Casper has helped scores of women with asymmetry problems. As a board certified plastic surgeon with over 30 years of experience, he knows how to properly plan and coordinate the different surgical procedures must be done to restore cosmetic balance.

Benefits of having breast asymmetry surgery

A Comprehensive, Personalized Approach

Correcting differences in the breasts has a practical benefit in simply being able to buy a bra off the rack or being able to confidently wear a swimsuit or workout clothing without feeling self conscious. Being able to wear fitted tops and dispense with baggy T-shirts or oversized garments is another image enhancing benefit.

The biggest benefit for most women is in the emotional relief they feel when they no longer have to avoid situations due to embarrassment about their appearance. Some women have completely avoided any intimate relationships because of this condition. Restoring quality of life and the resulting boost in self esteem is an ongoing pleasure for Dr. Casper who delights in his patients new found love of life as much as they do.

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Methods of correcting breast asymmetry

A Comprehensive, Personalized Approach

Since there can be a number of issues causing breast asymmetry, the surgical plan will focus on several factors. Dr. Casper will assess the best surgical plan based on the goals of the patient and her unique physiology. If one breast is acceptable in size, shape and position, which is often the case, Dr. Casper will plan surgery to match this breast. The procedure can involve a breast implant for the smaller breast, or breast reduction for the larger breast. In the case of placing implants, there may be a better cosmetic outcome from placing implants in both breasts

For breasts that are positioned differently, a breast lift with augmentation or with reduction can bring the breast into harmony. Reducing volume or performing a breast lift is often done on both breasts to ensure they match.

Dr. Casper plans all breast augmentation with the goal of long term results. That is why it is often recommended that what is done to one breast is done, in a modified manner, to the other. For example, if a breast lift with augmentation is performed on only one breast, there will be differences in movement and over time, the untreated breast could once again fall below the treated breast.

Nipple adjustment is another big factor in breast asymmetry. Size and shape of the areola complex can be addressed in either augmentation or reduction surgery.

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Recovery from breast asymmetry correction surgery

A Comprehensive, Personalized Approach

This surgery is done on an outpatient basis at fully accredited surgical center. General anesthesia is administered by a board certified anesthesiologist. After surgery, patients are monitored in the recovery room until they are awake and feeling up to leaving. Patients are able to be driven home after this point so they can recover in the comfort of their own home. Patients need to have an adult with them for at least the first 24 hours to assist with whatever is needed but more importantly, to be available to assist in the rare event of a postoperative problem.

Recovery is much easier in the first few days if preparations have been made beforehand. Having an assistant to care for the needs of children or pets and to help with meals is a great help. Patients can expect to experience fatigue due to the anesthesia and should make arrangements that allow them to rest as much as possible. Pain from breast correction surgery is usually described as more of a heavy, swollen feeling. It is very well managed with prescription pain medication with most patients being able to switch to the recommended over-the-counter pain medication listed on the post operative instructions. As a reminder, it is vital to avoid any NSAID type of pain relief such as Aspirin® or Advil® to avoid complications caused by bleeding.

Patients can usually return to light duties and work between 10 days and 2 weeks following surgery as long as there is no lifting, stretching or other strenuous activity. During initial consultations patients should make sure they discuss their duties at work or exercise goals with Dr. Casper so that they can make adjustments as necessary. Dr. Casper provides full support from the first consultation, through all stages of recovery and beyond. His goal is to provide his patients with among the best breast asymmetry correction Los Angeles has available. He does this in partnership with his patients so that the recovery is a smooth as possible and the results give patients the boost in self esteem and confidence they were hoping for.

Find out what can be done about your particular breast asymmetry issues by making an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Casper. He has 30 years of experience helping women achieve their image goals and is happy to provide you with the benefit of that priceless experience.

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